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20 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Loving and caring for yourself sounds like a simple task; however, we tend not to make this a priority for various reasons. The good news is: it is never too late to start.

Self-care and self-compassion can do wonders to inner growth, self-perception and mental health, and yet we find it easier to prioritise love and care for others than ourselves.

You can integrate many inexpensive self-care activities into your routine straight away; the following are some examples. You can do one or a combination of them; there are no limits as long as they serve the purpose of improving your self-perception and the way you feel in your life.

Free self-care activities:

  • Exercise whether you do an energizing physical activity like swim, a run, a bike ride, dance like crazy, or do something more relaxing like yoga, it is up to you. Just begin to take care of your body and your mind.

  • Nature Walk. I will never stop recommending a pleasant walk in a park, on the beach or around a lake. These are gifts given to us by nature, and the benefits to our mood are immense. If you live in a city, you can take a walk at your closest park.

  • Create playlists on your mobile for every occasion; you know yourself better than anyone else. Which music makes you feel empowered? Relaxed? Cuddled? Positive? Start creating playlists to enhance each of those feelings; these could become the key to enter your safe space.

  • Track your thoughts, do a ten-minutes daily journal, or take notes during the day; try to be precise when you name your feelings. We tend to use only basic emotions when describing how we feel, but there are many more. You can use the feelings wheel to find the right nuance of your feeling. Name them to tame them.

  • Read a book; this activity strengthens the brain, increases empathy, prevents cognitive decline, and alleviates depression. These are only a few of the benefits of reading; if you are not a reader, you may find interesting audible books.

  • Meditate; there are plenty of meditation activities you can find online. Choose one that can easily fit your schedule and practice regularly. If you struggle with your monkey mind, watch the video.

  • Be creative if you have a thing for art, create something, write poetry, draw, colour, build a sandcastle. Whatever you do, doesn't need to be perfect or beautiful; it's about the moment and how creativity positively affects our mind.

  • Eat healthy food, pay attention to what you eat. Your food intake nourishes both body and mind. Prepare healthy meals on your own so that your body can grow, repair, and function well.