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What can I expect from a session?

The first session is an opportunity for you to get to know my counselling style and see if you’re comfortable with me.

It’s a casual conversation. We also discuss what counselling approach will suit you.

Click here for important information about your first counselling session.

How many sessions do I need to attend?

Counselling isn't a quick fix. It’s an ongoing treatment. The healing jpurney  is different for everyone and often takes time. 

Some people feel relief after just one session, while others take a few months. It really depends.


How regularly do I need to attend sessions?

Treatment is most effective when sessions are attended regularly. For better results, initially I suggest having weekly appointments, but this is flexible. 

How long does a session go for?

Relationship and Family Counselling 90 minutes

Ecotherapy Session 75 minutes

All other counselling options 50-60 minutes

How much does counselling cost?

Face-to_Face Counselling $120 + GST

Online Counselling $120 + GST

Relationship and Family Counselling $ 160 + GST

Ecotherapy Sessions $140 + GST

Concession rate $95 + GST

Do you offer private health rebates?

Yes, we do offer private health rebates for counselling services. We are approved providers for rebates with the following health insurance companies: Bupa, Medibank, ahm, HCF, and AHRG. To claim your rebate, simply provide your insurance details at the time of booking. After your session, we will issue you with an invoice, which you can then submit to your insurance provider through their app or online portal.


I’m a student or a low-income earner. Do you offer discounts?

Yes. I offer discounts to students and low-income earners.

Please get in touch with me, and we will work something out.


How do I know you’re the right counsellor for me?

Most people won’t know if their counsellor is right for them until they meet them. It’s usually a gut feeling.

I offer a 15-minute video chat to get a sense of how I work before you book your session.


Where can you see me?

I work within the Perth metro area, usually in the Northern suburbs.

If you’re booking Walk & Talk Therapy or Therapy in the Park, we organise to meet in a park nearby.

If you book a Face-to-face Counselling Session, we will meet in my Girrawheen office.


Do you work after hours? 

Yes. I offer counselling after hours.

You can contact me to book a session at a time that suits you better.


Do I need a referral from my GP?

No, you don’t need a referral. Since I do not offer Medicare rebates,

you do not need a Mental Health Care Plan to see me.

You can contact me directly and organise a time to see me.


Is what I tell you confidential?

Yes. Counselling is completely confidential.

Everything you tell me is private unless subpoenaed by law, or I suspect you are at risk to yourself or others.

Counselling will not appear in your health records either.

Please read our Privacy Policy.

Can I claim a medicare rebate?

While I cannot offer medicare rebates, my fees are not much different to the GAP you pay after the medicare rebate from a psychologist. Also, my prices don’t increase after ten sessions.

What if I have to cancel an appointment?

You can cancel an appointment. However, I ask that you give me at least 24 hours;

otherwise, the session is fully chargeable.

What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy is the name given to a wide range of outdoor activities, horticulture, pet therapy and others.

In our case, it is a talk-based therapy in nature. Being outside is very healing for our mental health.

You can learn more here.


What do I need to do to prepare for my Walk & Talk therapy or Therapy in the Park?

Wear comfortable shoes, and bring sunglasses and a bottle of water.

Bring your mobile phone and have my number handy in case we can’t find each other.


What if it rains?

If the weather looks to be rainy or windy, I will suggest we talk in my room.

If you’re uncomfortable meeting indoors, we can reschedule or talk online.

Can I change to Therapy in the Park after seeing you indoors or vice versa?

Of course. Clients often mix and match their sessions depending on their needs.

For example, if you feel like a session will be particularly painful and you would rather have some privacy to share your experiences, we can meet in my office instead of in the park.

What do I need to know about Online Counselling?

Counselling works best if you’re alone in a room to ensure privacy.

I also recommend opting for a strong internet connection, so our conversation does not cut out midway through. Video calls are run via Google Meets. 

I will share via email the link to access the meeting shortly before the session.

Do you have other questions? You can get in touch here.

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