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It’s not easy opening up to someone you’ve never met before and trusting them with your vulnerability;

therefore, I feel honoured when someone chooses me to be their counsellor.

Seeing my clients moving from challenging situations, regain their confidence and start smiling again, 

feels like a gift to me, and I feel fortunate to have witnessed their journeys unfold.


Below some of my clients have shared some kind words about their experience with me.

However, I feel I owe them more than they owe me. We learn and grow together.


  • Build your Safe Space and has the most amazing counsellor, Sonia Scussel. Sonia helped me throughout the pandemic in 2020 when a number of factors tipped me over the edge. First, we started with Zoom style meetings as we were in lockdown but very shortly after that, we did the best form of therapy ever. Walk and Talk. It was lovely walking around a beautiful lake surrounded by the wonders of Mother Nature all the time chatting with Sonia, who made you feel as though you were chatting with a dear friend. These

    walk and talk sessions provided me with the much needed fresh air and fresh insight into all the hurdles in my life at the time. Sonia never judged and always had a shoulder to cry on. Further to this she always sent wonderful videos and pieces to read that helped me to see just what I was going through, and how I was not alone. Through these sessions, I managed to find my feet and get the courage to jump a few of the hurdles put in front of me. I have continued to research these hurdles and am growing in confidence every day. Sonia has been truly amazing and I know that I can reach out to her in my time of need. Thank you Sonia and Build Your Safe Space.

Walk & Talk Therapy client, May 2020

  • The counselling I got from Sonia helped me put my thoughts into perspective, and organise my mind in a healthy way. Sonia's advice and material become a routine, providing me with a toolbox of useful practices such as meditation and rumination management to help me out. Most importantly, however, knowing that there is someone I can openly talk to and rely on for advice when I'm struggling is a huge help on its own. Not only her practice but additionally Sonia's caring and empathetic character as well as the warm and welcoming conversations are enough for me to recommend her counselling to anyone else that might be facing difficult times.

Face-to-Face client. July 2021 

  • Sonia is a genuinely, kind, caring and empathetic person. She is an exceptional listener who is incredibly supportive

and offers authentic advice, strategies and solutions, that work. Counselling with Sonia has enabled me to come through some very challenging times, by using the strategies she taught me. I have been able to successfully transfer

these strategies to help me in other situations in my life. She has been an invaluable support to me.

Face-to-Face client. March 2021 

  • Sonia is warm and compassionate in the manner in which she delivers counselling. Throughout my time spent with her, I never felt rushed and could proceed at my own pace. I always felt comfortable and safe with sharing my feelings and thoughts with Sonia. I felt supported and heard, and was offered practical guidance and strategies to help me make positive changes in my thinking and behaviours. Sonia was very flexible in making time for our appointments which was great as often it is difficult to try and to counselling in around work and other commitments. I will definitely recommend Sonia to others and will return to her without hesitation for support in the future. 

Face-to-Face client. December 2020

  • Sonia is very supportive and provided me with a safe place to share my experience. I felt stressed and

unmotivated with both my private and my work situation, and a friend recommended Sonia.

Her warm support and patience helped me to cope with this challenging time.  I learned to understand and

respect my needs, the importance of self-talk and self-care, and I love the improvements

I did over the last few months. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Sonia. Thank you.

Face-to-Face client. November 2020

  • Last year I was fortunate enough to meet Sonia. She is an incredible listener and observer. It was the

first time I tried counselling and felt very nervous. She helped me be comfortable and let me ease in.  After months of regular online sessions, I was finally able to assert myself.  She was the person who helped mego back on my feet. Her suggestions still help me,  I'm really grateful for this and always will be, as she taught me how to build my safe space.

Online Client - Febuary 2020

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