I’m a certified counsellor in Perth specialising in Life Transition Counselling and Ecotherapy.

I offer guidance and support, online and in-person, to support people

who are going through difficult life changes or feeling overwhelmed by their day-to-day lives.

I’ve been through many life transitions.

This is probably why I’ve always been interested in how to deal with them,

and understand how others were coping with their own life transitions.

Some of the transitions I went through were chosen,

others I had no other alternative but to get through the best I could.

My experience in hospitality allowed me to listen to people’s stories, it also prepared me for the path to come.

One of the most recent life transitions I’ve been through was moving from Italy to Australia.

Although it wasn’t my first time moving to another country, it has still been scary at some points.

There was uncertainty about the future, and anxiety and loneliness were sometimes overwhelming. 

In the past, I dealt with changes by walking daily. Once in Australia, I started counselling as a client too.

Learning how to practice compassion and self-awareness was extremely helpful to me.

As time passed, I realised I felt more comfortable when challenging situations arose.

Without even knowing it, I was already practising Ecotherapy. 

Noticing regular little changes in myself, my mood, the way I reacted to events, has been an insightful experience.

I soon felt strong enough to embark on my next transition, the time had come for another change,

I decided to return to study and embark in the new experience of becoming a counsellor. 

I wanted to help others to overcome challenging situations, as I knew how hard they can be.

Accidentally, I learned about Ecotherapy and Walk & Talk Therapy.

Finding out that combining counselling with the healing power of nature was already a thing,

empowered my idea that this is an incredible way to support people.


Now I do what I love most, I help my clients overcome difficult times, 

and support them through the challenges that trying times can take with them.


I understand not every counsellor will be the one for you. Everyone is different and has different needs.

It might help you to know that I listen in a warm and non-judgemental way.

I create a safe space for you to share your experience, whatever that might be, at your own pace.


We might be a good fit if… 

  • You want to work with someone with diverse life experiences

  • You feel too anxious to go out and prefer counselling online

  • You enjoy spending time in nature and would rather talk outside

  • You have a tight schedule and would like to talk after-hours

  • You speak Italian or German and would like a counsellor who speaks these languages and understands these cultures

  • You want to talk to someone who has experienced challenging situations

  • You’re a parent and would like to speak to someone who understands the highs and lows of parenting.


Does this sound like you? I offer a free 30-minute video call so you can see if we’re a good fit.


Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.


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0422 941 676

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