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How to Build Your Safe Space: A Step-by-Step Guide

Safe Space

What Is a Safe Space?

It's a special place that provides emotional and physical safety. In our case, your safe space feels comfortable and is a virtual place within you. It's an environment where you can freely express and learn to know yourself without fear of judgment. It's the place to go when life becomes too much and needs cooling off. It's a space where you find harmony and recharge your energy.

Safe is never given. Safe is what you make with your own hands.

Carolina De Robertis

Why Do I Need a Safe Space?

Your safe space is a refuge for restoring balance and enhancing self-esteem, self-awareness, and resilience. It's always accessible when you need to slow down, check-in, or seek peace from daily stress.

In the hustle of life, the importance of nurturing this space can be overlooked.

By neglecting this space and regular self-care, you will lack the strength and resilience needed for yourself and others, which may result in feeling overwhelmed.

Hence, it's crucial to identify enjoyable self-care activities and incorporate them into your routine to attain a more relaxed state. This practice becomes essential for maintaining well-being.

How Do I Build My Safe Space?

Fortunately, it is never too late to build your safe space, but how? This space is built on clear boundaries, self-reflection, awareness and the conscious intention of taking regular me-time to spend on self-care activities. Your safe space is essentially built on learning to show yourself love and respect by practising positive self-talk, self-compassion, and self-care.

Your safe space can be created anytime to access your secure retreat and recharge your mind. Yet, taking good care of it is vital; with regular practice, you can learn how to detach from your daily hassles.


Learn to enjoy these moments where you become your priority.

Being consistent will help your mind to reach a positive state quickly when needed. Even if you master it just for a short time, be proud of yourself. You'll get there, and when challenging events shake your balance in the future, there will be a lower risk of losing yourself in the intense emotions that follow.

I'm safe inside this container called me.

Haruki Murakami

Activities to add to your routine to build your safe space

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Walks in nature

  • Listening to music

  • Art and Crafts activities

  • Reading books

  • Journalling

  • Practising gratitude

  • Dancing

The only rule is that you like your chosen activities and make them a pleasant habit. As the mind loves habits, they will help restore your balance when life becomes rough.

Dolls practicing yoga

When you cannot calm the storm,

remember to access the safe and calm within you.

Maureen Sharphouse

If things become too challenging, call a friend, a family member or someone you trust when you are in distress. Even a stranger can comfort you. Remember, if you don't have someone to talk to, contact a helpline, a support group, or a professional. Your GP or a counsellor can make a difference in your well-being. 

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