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Learn to Embrace Difficult Emotions

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Why do some people seem to deal with negative feelings better than others? The reason is the attitude they have toward them.

These people possess the ability to accept negative emotions as a natural part of life and acknowledge their presence, but don't let them define or drive their lives. They found the healthiest way to deal with emotions, and even if it's not always an easy task, they manage to overcome their obstacles with a positive mindset,

For many others, facing uncomfortable emotions is not so simple. People who are not comfortable with their emotional world tend to avoid or suppress challenging feelings. However, emotions rule people's thoughts, perceptions and behaviour; ignoring them leads only to physical and mental stress. Fortunately, positively exploring emotions is something that can be learned.

"The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude."

Dennis S. Brow

Why do some people feel more challenged than others by negative emotions?

The answer lies most of the times in one or more of the following factors:

  • Exploring emotions is not considered critical.

  • Tendency to ignore the feeling rather than exploring it.

  • Feeling guilt around negative emotions.

  • Inability to cope with unwelcomed emotions.

  • Identify themselves with the feeling.

  • Individual personality traits.

  • Life experiences.

Challenging emotions, like any other emotion, are a natural component of life. Learning how to deal with them more positively is vital for your physical and mental health.

Several self-help tools can help you when struggling with uncomfortable feelings such as anger, remorse, guilt, resentment, fear, pain, and others. Self-care advise, help-lines, self-help books, mindfulness, self-compassion can all aid toward healing. However, it is essential to remember that changing life-long learned habits requires time, patience and commitment.