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If you consider seeing a counsellor for the first time, you may feel worried about sitting opposite a stranger.


Face-to-face counselling can be intimidating for some, especially when feeling vulnerable. I understand entirely. Walk & Talk Therapy might be your option if that's the case.


Instead of facing your counsellor in a practice room, you will have your session somewhere in nature. Some clients find it easier to talk while they're walking. The calming action of movement helps to ground you and make you feel more comfortable. 

Walk & Talk Therapy might be for you if:


  • Your loneliness is becoming overwhelming and you want someone to talk to outside the counselling room

  • You're nervous about counselling

  • You find it hard talking in professional settings

  • You like being in nature

  • You're uncomfortable making eye contact

  • You want to get more exercise

  • You're a parent and have to take your baby with you in a pram and find walking and talking easier. 


Walk & Talk Therapy gives you the benefits of physical activity and therapy. Both of these are known to release tension and improve mood. By stimulating mind and body, you may work through sticky emotions more effectively than in a traditional setting. 


And with such beautiful weather in Perth, who doesn't love to be outside? You can enjoy the sunshine and breathe in the fresh air.


 There are many benefits to Walk & Talk Therapy:

  • Releases tension and stress

  • Increases mental clarity

  • Releases endorphins and lifts mood

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Increases feeling of calmness

  • Helps alleviate loneliness.


What can you expect? To assess the suitability of Ecotherapy for you and discuss your goals, the first session will be a face-to-face session in the Girrawheen office. 


We will organise a following session at a nearby park if Walk & Talk Therapy or Therapy in the Park is appropriate for you, 

Walk & Talk Therapy and Therapy in the Park sessions are 75 minutes.

Are you interested in the healing aspects of Ecotherapy?

I offer a free 15-minute video chat to discuss your options.


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