What Is a Meaningful Life?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

How can a meaningful life be defined? The answer is different for everyone and will change throughout life. The purpose, or meaning, that makes our life fulfilled when we are in our twenties will unlikely be the same once we reach our thirtieth or fortieth birthday.

Therefore, at some point in life, we might have had a purpose but we either changed or lost it.

Finding the next purpose that gives us meaning might take some time. In the meanwhile, complicated feelings might show up, like emptiness, sadness, anger, frustration, guilt. When this happens, we usually forget that all feelings, including the challenging ones, are ok. We have to stay with these feelings, be patient, slow down and try to remind that you are experiencing these feelings. You are not empty, sad, or guilty. Accept the feelings. Fighting them will only increase your sense of inadequacy.

Allow ourselves the same support, compassion, and trust we would offer our best friend when they are facing difficult times.

To help us get unstuck from this situation, we can explore some of the following questions:

  • What are my values and beliefs, and why?·

  • What do I enjoy doing, and why?

  • What is important to me, and why?

  • What do I admire in other people, and why?

  • What is holding me back, and why?

By simply adding "and why" to your question, you will be required you explore deeper into yourself and the reasons that are not allowing you to move forward. Don't rush things, maybe write down your answers. Reading them might give you a different perspective, be patient, and allow yourself time.

Patience is not considered a virtue anymore.

These days we live with the foot on the accelerator, everything changes in an incredibly fast way, and we feel we have to keep up. Currently, the COVID-19 made us slow down a little

While the current situation is not the easiest, I hope there is something good in this slowing down. We might realize in the end that there are not many material things we need. We might recognize that a slight shift in priorities could improve our life-style. By devoting more time to know ourselves, take the chance to be the people we love, assess our needs, we will maybe find our purpose if we are looking for it.

Whenever you find your meaning, you'll feel it, and it'll feel natural. You might ask yourself how in the world it took you so long to find such an easy answer. The answer to this question is very simple: because you weren't ready and it was not the right time. No regrets or blame for that, enjoy your time ahead. Never stop growing.

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