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Couple Holding Hands


All couples face challenges in their relationships including communication issues, conflict and loss of intimacy. I help you build positive and growing relationships and offer in-person and online sessions for both individuals and couples.

You CAN reignite your love and connection. Invest in your relationship by uncovering your shared goals to rediscover a path forward towards mutual fulfillment.

It’s worth working toward creating a solid foundation for your future happiness as a couple, or any significant relationship. With my guidance and support, you can learn the tools and strategies to grow emotional intimacy and communicate intuitively.


When couples are seeking counsel they usually have issues they wish to explore. An experienced Counsellor will firstly ask certain questions before beginning a therapy session.

Opening the door to understanding.
A therapist needs to get to know you both before counselling can commence, and this will involve asking questions and taking a short history of your relationship. This is a good way for your therapist to gain insights about you both and develop goals for the sessions. This is how some of the questions will look:

  • Is this your first counselling session for relationship issues?

  • What do you expect to achieve from these sessions?

  • Have you been having relationship problems for some time? 

  • What are the main issues you are bringing to counselling?

  • What have you tried so far to resolve your problems?

When the therapist is more aware of the problems you are facing, they will begin to address your concerns, and create tasks for you to complete together and separately.
Trust is a very important aspect in the sessions, and your therapist will help you develop this

Goal Setting.
Setting goals will enhance positive interactions for you as a couple. If you can’t identify these at first, your therapist is there to help. The main goal is to improve your relationship and work together to achieve this.

Even if these differ, communication is the key and recovery into a healthy relationship – whatever that may look like, is the ideal outcome. Your therapist will create a treatment plan that will help you both move forward in a positive way.

Will counselling help us?  
No matter what the outcome counselling will offer you a path into change, and a better experience for all. It will help you to:

  • Develop mutual respect

  • Communicate more clearly

  • Improve listening

  • Disagree without hurting each other

  • Mediate to save a relationship, or move on in a healthy way

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