If there’s one thing we can count on, it's change. Some changes seem more comfortable than others,

like getting a new job, changing school or moving house, but unexpected challenges arise.


Other changes, like illness or losing someone you love, can leave you with deep feelings of grief and uncertainty.

You might have to begin building on a new sense of self and learn how to best move on.


As scary as change can seem, it’s also an opportunity of growth.

Build Your Safe Space Counselling helps you manage life transitions and provides a space where you can learn and grow.


     Life Transition Counselling can help you:


  • Reduce the sense of isolation and loneliness

  • Become mindful of your thoughts and feelings as you enter a new phase of your life

  • Build strength to overcome new challenges

  • Find inner peace and safety

  • Learn how to navigate relationships during times of change

  • Develop strategies to cope

  • Make daily tasks more manageable

  • Manage feelings of loss of control and changes in roles and responsibilities

  • Manage feelings of distress and develop a greater sense of calm

  • Improve your confidence and restore a sense of self.


Life brings endless challenges. Even seemingly positive ones can bring up uncomfortable emotions

that you may feel you need to work through.


Some common life transitions include:

  • Becoming parents

  • Infertility, pregnancy loss or miscarriage

  • Child developmental transitions, e.g. starting childcare, adolescence, illness or disability

  • Separation and divorce

  • Stepfamily relationships

  • Career change, job loss or redundancy

  • Illness, e.g. diagnosis, treatment or survivorship of cancer or other serious illness

  • Moving city/country/school

  • Ageing


Life Transitions Counselling typically involves conversation. I listen to your experiences with compassion, empathy and respect. Sometimes you may not want to talk, and that’s fine. We can just sit and be present. 


As everyone is different and has different needs, we will spend your first session talking about what is worrying you and what you would like to achieve. I believe that you are the expert on yourself, so what happens in the session is up to you.


I offer Walk & Talk Therapy and Therapy in the Park, which can be part of your Transitions Counselling too.


I believe even the scariest changes can bring about opportunities. I hope to help you make positive changes in your life.


Want to see if we’re a good fit? I offer 30-minute video chat free, so you can get a feel for my approach.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.


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